Cherrywood Community Primary School


Today was a good day. We started with breakfast, the hash browns are the best and Jamie brings us toast. We started with abseiling and rifle shooting, abseiling was much better. We didn't hit the target once when shooting. This afternoon we did the giant swing and buggy building, giant swing is our favourite activity yet, it was great, so much fun! We also had the best food this evening, even though we forgot to get curry sauce on our chicken. All in all it was another great day, we just wish it would stop raining! 

  By Zara and Hadia


Abseiling is the most terrifying activity of them all (in my opinion) but the children really surprised me. All of them showed great ambition and at the very least went to the top of the tower and from their most of them abseiled down. It is hard to get a good picture as they have their back to us all the way down. Here are a few that we took and the views of some of the children. 


"I walked up the stairs and stood at the top but it was far too scary. I am glad I went up to see though" 


"I really liked walking down the wall. It was a little bit scary though" Tyler

Rifle Shooting

In this activity the children showed great resilience and patience. I was really impressed by the time they took to organise themselves to aim accurately. They were also very respectful listening carefully to instructions and being very safe. 


"We had to really test our aim and then we played a ghost busting game. Yulia drew lots of ghosts for us to aim at. I got 40 points for my team by aiming at the mouth" Elivia 



Giant Swing

This activity really divided the children, some loved it and some not so much. We grouped the children based on how high they wanted to go and was up there most of them wanted to go a little further. The shock of the swing led to some very interesting faces being pulled and quite a few screams. Here's what Sara thought. 

Sara and Mrs Hills

Still image for this video
"The was great fun, I only wanted to go a little bit high on the first go and it was so much fun that on the second go I wanted to go higher. Mr Harris tricked me and we went really high but I am glad he did. I went on with Mrs Hills, she screamed a lot but wasn't sick and we both had smiles at the end."

Buggy Building 

This activity was all about team work and knots. The children worked together to build chariots (buggies) that needed to stay together in order to complete challenges. Fortunately, their knots held and the chariots were quite successful. 


"I was impressed our buggy stayed together" Zoe 


"I am enjoying working with my friends to solve problems and build things" Liban