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Cherry on Top Win National ROAR Competition!


After winning the in-school competition Cherry on Top went on to represent Cherrywood in the National Awards Day Finals. We are delighted to announce that they were declared the winners for the Central Southern District.

Check out the video of the moment they won.

National Awards Announcement

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National Awards

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Live final chat with the winning team.

Cherry on Top

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Take a look at the winning presentation

Farnborough Lions are sponsors of the ROAR project at our school. Check out their announcement of the winning team from Cherrywood.

ROAR 2023

We are delighted to launch the ROAR2023 project. This is the 3rd year we have participated in this exciting project, funded by the Lions Clubs across the UK and organised and run by 8billionideas; an award-winning education company. ROAR2023 intends to promote an entrepreneurial spirit for all students, unlocking their innovative DNA, by challenging children to create a ‘World Changing Idea’.

Children will work together in small mixed year group teams to create a brand new product and advertising campaign which will be presented to a judging panel in mid-November. Over the course of the project children will be practising and improving key education and life skills; such as developing confidence in speaking and listening, teamwork, expressing creativity and ‘big idea’ thinking, as well as practical skills for building prototypes.

Meet the teams.

Cherry on Top


A new and exciting way to customise any flavour of ice cream and deliver it straight to your door.




Using renewable and cutting edge drone technology we want to change the speed of parcel delivery for ever.




Magical Drones


Emerging technology for cutting edge eco revolution. Using drones to magic the plastic rubbish away and create toys for underprivileged children.




Wearable technology to comfort you when you need it most. Hot or cold, re-chargeable, wearable heat and cold patches to sooth everyday aches and pains.

Building Prototypes

For the last 2 week the children have been getting to grips with building a prototype. They have selected different means of bringing their ideas to life. Cherry on Top have been using a website to bring their app to life. Heald have been using their sewing skills to create their wearable tech. Speed of Right and Magical Drones have been trying to create prototype with moving parts out of cardboard.

Not only are the teams creating prototypes but they are creating advertising posters and jingles to help 'sell' their ideas to the judging panel. 

Magical Drones

Advertising jingle


Advertising jingle

Cherry on Top

Advertising jingle

Speed of Right developed a drone that would solve slow delivery issues whilst being more sustainable. The idea was to use drones to deliver packages faster and remove polluting delivery vans, as well as using solar powered docking stations to increase their eco credentials.


Heald developed a wearable heat patch that could be customised with belts and accessories. They also wanted to improve sustainability by reusing and recharging the patch so it could be used a number of times.



Cherry on Top were bored with the same old boring ice cream flavours and inspired by the hot weather in September created an app to customise ice cream to suit your mood. They even encouraged you to create one for your dog.



Magical Drones wanted to solve problems with rubbish by using drones to collect rubbish and make it into toys for children. They were also hoping to boost their eco credentials further by developing a way of sucking in excess CO2 and producing oxygen for a healthier planet.


The judging took place on Thursday  16th November.  A panel of judges were invited consisting of Governors, a representative from the Lions Farnborough and a teacher from Edgeborough School in Frensham. They were looking for an amazing idea, a detailed understanding of what problem the idea solves, a show stopping prototype and that extra bit of detail that helps to really ‘sell’ their idea.  The teams created a presentation, a catchy jingle and a colourful poster and logo to help persuade the judges of their idea.

Teams were  scored in each of these areas and a final winner was announced at Celebration assembly.


The winning team have had their idea and presentation filmed and  submitted to the regional finals. The winners of the regional finals will have their idea showcased at the National Awards Day on 6th December 2023.

The winners in each category were:

Overall Winner—Cherry on Top



Congratulations to all the teams. All the judges were extremely impressed by your ideas and hard work.