Cherrywood Community Primary School

Pine (Yr 5)

On 5th April Pine Class visited the Gordon Brown Centre in Hook for an Egyptian Day.

We had to use Mapping Skills to find the hidden treasure in the secret maze.  We also studied Egyptian writing and wrote our names using hieroglyphics.

We had great fun participating in the Mummy Wrapping Competition and Chariot Racing!

Egyptian Day at the Gordon Brown Centre.

Thursday 10th March 2022


Our Class went to Fernhill Secondary School to do Food Technology. We met three lovely teachers who taught us how to make a Cream Tea. We made delicious scones. We learnt new skills like rubbing in butter to the flour, using an oven and even did the washing up!  Our favourite part was getting to enjoy eating them after school!

Pine's Visit to Fernhill.

Last Friday Pine Class took part in RSHE Day.


Our key question was: What makes up a person's identity? 


We looked at what makes us unique and the meaning of our names.

Yesterday we had a visit from John from the Rotary Club. He brought with him a fabulous illustrated dictionary as a gift for each child in Pine Class  to use in class and to keep when they leave Cherrywood in Year 6. We even got John to sign his autograph in them! The Rotary Club are very excited to share photos of this event on their Club's Facebook page too. 

Remember the daily activities you should be practising at home :

  • Times tables facts (up to 12 x12) and related division facts. 
  • Reading either a book from school, library service or home - 15 minutes a day.
  • Learning your spellings by writing them out using different colours, Pyramid Writing, drawing around the word or writing them in sentences. 

Use the link below to read or listen to a range of amazing books for free using the School Library Service.  Just enter your child's first name followed by the password Books1.