Cherrywood Community Primary School


Design and Technology is a practical and creative subject, where children have the opportunity to solve problems within relevant and inspiring contexts. It draws upon a range of skills, including mathematics, art, computing and science, and promotes curiosity, resilience and imagination. Children develop an understanding of technology and its impact in an ever-changing world, as well as practical life skills, which the children will continue to develop as they move through and beyond their time at Cherrywood.


Here at Cherrywood we have tried where possible to link Design Technology to our Topics. Including our cookery units linking to our harvest festival, in which pupils outcomes are sold.

The children follow a process of designing, making and evaluating their work. Through this process, we teach the children technical skills, covering a range of skill areas, including use of textiles, construction materials, mechanisms, moldable materials, cookery and nutrition.

Children have opportunity to show our school values throughout the lessons.


All units start by allowing the children to explore the world around them. By looking at how things move or are put together. Allowing children to be curious and ask ‘what if? or ‘why?’. In some units they are then given the chance to create prototypes allowing their curiosity to take shape.


Resilience is really important in design technology. Here at Cherrywood opportunity to take risks in their learning as they make links in their experiences, choose ways to do things and persist when challenges occur. Through practical work, children begin to select resources, test ideas and choose ways to solve problems. Children evaluate their work and the work of others against design criteria, considering the effectiveness of the methods and resources used, and responding to constructive feedback from others.