Cherrywood Community Primary School


Design Technology at Cherrywood is taught through the following key concepts: cooking, mechanisms and structure. We use purposeful contexts and pose DT problems for children to solve, that also link to other areas of the curriculum. DT at Cherrywood also enables our children to develop their ability to be reflective learners in a practical context. Pupils are guided by teachers in lessons to make observations, evaluate and improve both existing products and their own at all stages of the designing and making process.




Design and Technology is a practical and creative subject.  It draws upon a range of skills, including mathematics, art, computing and science, and promotes curiosity, resilience and imagination. Children develop an understanding of technology and its impact in an ever-changing world, as well as practical life skills, which the children will continue to develop as they move through and beyond their time at Cherrywood.





Year R




Year 1

Trunkies/beach huts

Sliding pictures

Healthy smoothies

Year 2

Textiles sewing

Castle draw bridge

Bread making

Year 3

Stone age houses

Pneumatic Roman chariots

Pizza making

Year 4

Iron age purses

Night lights

Tortilla recipe

Year 5

Treasure boxes  - sewing


Egyptian Mezze

Year 6



Seasonal salad