Cherrywood Community Primary School


Wednesday 1st November

For our activities today we were in three groups. Here is the diary of the day from each group:


Group 1

Group 1: Sanskar, Umar, Megan, Sapphire, Diphikha, Etienne, Echhi


Morning Activities - Trapeze and Orienteering

Trapeze was fun but I was scared on the top, until they made the rope attaching to me tight I had courage and jumped from the platform therefore touched the white balloon. It was great but sad because me and Umar were the only two that reached the top and went onto the platform. Everyone gave it a go though and did great. After that we went orienteering, it was alright but it soon became really exhausting. Nevertheless we were fairly successful.

By Dipshika


Afternoon Activities – Archery and Giant Swing

The giant swing was fun but your legs will hurt you get 2 tries when I went up my heart was hurting a lot archery was fun it also was hard and I hit my self but I am ok now back to the swing you think you are a bird

By Umar

Group 2

Group 2: Freddy, Lily, Marcia, Minahil, Iva, Sima, Armin, Tyler


Morning Activities - Trapeze and Orienteering

This morning we did trapeze and I was super scared at first, I watched a couple of people do it first then I had a go. I didn’t think I would jump off the platform and hit the ball, I’m so impressed with myself. Next my group did orienteering, I thought it would be very boring but it was not that bad. Me and my small group walked round the wood for so long trying to find the numbers and letters. We went round in circles like 3 times.

By Lily


Afternoon Activities – Archery and Giant Swing

At first the giant swing was really scary but Iva told me I could do it so I made the choice to give it a go. In the end it was really fun and I pulled the string without Iva knowing and she did it back. We had Ryan as the instructor. Before the giant swing we did archery which Marla was our instructor. It was very fun and exciting .We did many cool games like who where and how we get to  holiday with. I got Antarctica, alone, swimming  which was the worst of them all. I am very proud of myself for doing all my activities and quests.

By Marcia

Group 3

Group 3: Mario, Sumangk, Ava, Gracie, Theia, Vivi, Maisie, Harry


Morning Activities – Archery and Giant Swing

We started the day by waking up for breakfast. After we got ready, we went to archery. At first we listened to our instructor as they told us what to do. Then we played the pizza game. The different colours on the board were different toppings for the pizza. I was very close to getting bullseye. Next was the giant swing. We had to pull a rope to get Theia and Gracie up. We each had two turns. Next was me and Ava. We chose to go to the top, and we did both times, then we had to pull a string which would release the swing. It was high and terrifying! I was speechless the first time but the second me and Ava did a challenge on who could scream the loudest. Mrs Guest and Sumangk went after us. I videoed them, you should have seen their faces. We went to lunch which ended our morning. I am very proud for trying with the activities.

By Vivi


Afternoon Activities – Trapeze and orienteering

This afternoon we did  orienteering, we had to use coordinates to travel in alphabetic order around the woods. It took a while to find the letters and we worked as a team. Next, we climbed the Trapeze, I felt nervous to jump but my friends caught me with the rope. It was a great day!

By Mario.

Evening Activity (all) – Cluedo

In the evening, I had a fun time. There were PGL staff in costumes and we had to get clues off them. After I finished, I got told we all got tricked so we had to go on a scavenger hunt for a golden banana. In the end we all had to guess how stole the banana, we found out it was our instructor some of us guessed him but I thought it was Mr Harris.

By Sapphire