Cherrywood Community Primary School



Pupils, parents, and staff should have the right to have their voices heard. This can be achieved through a pupil-elected school council, where class representatives raise issues and suggest ideas for improvement. Parents and guardians should also be given the opportunity to express any concerns or queries through parent societies and parents' evenings.

Democracy at Cherrywood

Cherrywood's Big Lunch


As a school we got to vote on our favourite meals for Cherrywood's big lunch. The purpose of this is to get as many children as possible enjoying a hot lunch and sharing conversation over lunch with friends. 


Voting meant that everyone got their say. It is important to use your vote, because although you may not be in the majority it is your opportunity to share your view. The children revelled in the opportunity to vote and were excited to do so. 



Big Lunch

A new colour monster


We are looking for a new colour monster! 


We feel that there are colour monsters for most things but we are missing one for the feeling of 'proud'. Mrs Lewis has tasked school council with discussing with their class the ideal colour that can be linked to proud. 


From their we will move forward to create the monster, the colour and the synonyms.


Watch this space, new monster incoming.