Cherrywood Community Primary School

What Chestnut have been up to

Chestnut class had a brilliant time going back to the Victorian age! We learnt how to balance books on our heads, drink tea and eat politely and make calling cards to visit our friends - just like the rich Victorians. We practised drawing Victorian people, making fans to use for communication and using a Victorian back straightener. We learnt about Victorian toys and even had a go at making our own Victorian dolls from rags. 


One of our favourite parts was the Victorian school that we attended. We had separate sides of the classroom for boys and girls, had to recite our times tables, write on black boards with slate pens and exercise before starting the class. We all decided that it is much better going to school nowadays! Despite this, "It was the best day ever" was heard from a number of children throughout the day! 


Thank you to all of the children for making it such a fun and valuable learning day. Everyone got in the spirit of it and the costumes were fantastic! Well done Chestnut class for being so enthusiastic about your learning.

The children really enjoyed the trip to the local church to learn about the story of Easter. They were able to take part in different activities that taught them about the story of Palm Sunday, Maundy Tuesday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. They've been asking when we will be able to go back and visit again!

RSHE DAY Spring 2

This half term for RSHE Day, children learnt about their body parts and how to keep them safe. They discussed the correct anatomical names and followed the NSPCC advice on PANTS. They also thought about how they are similar to their friends and what makes them unique. 


RSHE DAY Spring 1


Children were learning about money and how to keep it safe! They thought about what things were necessities and what things were wants. The children decided what they would spend their money on, so they did not waste it. They also had a 'budget' to buy and make their own pizza. 

RSHE Day 26/11/21

For RSHE this half term we were discussing how to keep ourselves healthy. We created our own healthy lunchboxes, spoke about people in our lives who help to keep us healthy and thought about routines that we could use to help us stay healthy. We also made our own posters all about hygiene and learnt about the dangers of medicine if taken without adult supervision.


Alongside English, Maths and Science, we have been learning to; make moving pictures in DT, design maps of the classroom from natural materials in Geography, compliment our friends and talk about who is special to us in RSHE and create 3D art in the style of Andrew Goldsworthy.