Cherrywood Community Primary School


Whole school overviews


To support delivery of the school's curriculum we have overview documents which set out expectations of the content of learning.  Teachers make use of these documents to develop learning journeys.  These learning journeys aim to motivate children and engage their curiosity; developing a desire to acquire more knowledge and learn more skills to build upon what they have previously learnt.  These journeys will often begin with a 'hook' to capture interest or raise a questions and include lots of opportunities to work collaboratively, with hands on experiences and a use of the whole school environment.   

Subject overviews


Each subject at Cherrywood is led by a leader who has the responsibility to ensure that this curriculum is well delivered, resulting in enthusiastic learners who have the skills and knowledge that enable this to be built upon in subsequent years - including when they move to secondary schools. 


These overviews can be found here

Additional overviews


As well as specific subjects there are other aspects which are an integral part of the curriculum and need to be considered.