Cherrywood Community Primary School

Using the Library

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to announce that our library has now reopened. Your child will shortly start to bring home books they have borrowed from the library, which they will be able to change at least every two weeks.  Your class teacher will let you know which day they are visiting the library.  You may find that they bring home books that seem a bit tricky for them to read.  This doesn’t matter, the idea is for them to develop a love of reading so you may need to support them by reading the book with them or to them.  If possible help them to decode the text or discuss the vocabulary as they read to help them feel successful. We have a lot of new books in the library so please do support your child in keeping them safe and returning them once they have finished reading.  Sadly due to the number of books that have not been returned in the past we will be asking for the cost of lost books should they need replacing.

As part of the reopening of our library, we are looking for some parent helpers to develop our Cherrywood reading community. We are looking for any parents willing to give a small amount of time each week to assist in the smooth running of the library. This will entail scanning books in and out of the library, supporting children with finding books they would like to borrow and general upkeep of the library. If this is something you would like to do or you would like some more information, please contact the school office and ask for me.

Many thanks

Mrs Claire Hills

Reading Champion Leader