Cherrywood Community Primary School

How can I support my child with Reading?

Recognising sounds

The children are currently learning "Set 1 sounds" as part of the RWI program. The more exposure the children have to these sounds the more they will be able to retain them. Please practice recognising each sound they learn at school. You could ask them what sound they learnt that day and see if you can spot it out and about on signs/in books at home. 

How to say the sounds

It is so important to say the sounds correctly when you are helping your child at home. Learning to say the sounds correctly straight away will really help the child when they are learning to blend the sounds together to read words.

The actions we use to help us remember the sounds

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The children's first reading book
The children are now bringing home a new "Sound Blending" book each Monday. It is important to try and read their book every day even if it is only for 5 minutes at a time. As you go through the book, practice recognising the sounds (modelling it for them if they get stuck) and then sounding out the words to blend. 


Please see a video on how to support your child with their first reading book at home: 

Reading your child's first "Sound Blending" book with them

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The more stories your child is exposed to.. the better! Through listening to stories your child is able to learn new vocabulary and language which they will then be able to use in their own stories. Being able to re-tell a story using the pictures is a good indication that a child is ready to begin reading and understanding text. Please see below an example of a child who is ready to begin learning to read: 

Story telling

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