Cherrywood Community Primary School

Online Safety

Summer 1 - Privacy and Security

For Online Safety this half term we learnt about privacy and security. We spoke about passwords, why they are necessary and how we can create strong ones. We also had a debate about whether our internet use should be monitored. Some children felt that their internet usage should not be monitored as they think they are mature enough to deal with online situations - After much debate, many changed their minds and decided that not all children are mature enough to deal with dangerous online situations they also made the point that if they are following rules and not doing anything sneaky, it shouldn't be a problem to be monitored.

Spring  - Online Reputation

This half term we looked out how what we post online represents part of our personality and can define what people think of us. We spoke about what we want people to think about us and how we behave online supports this. We then went on to discuss what it is and isn't safe to post online. We had lots of discussions about this and used different scenarios to lead our discussions. 

Autumn 2 - Online Relationships

This half term we looked at online relationships and how to stay safe. We read about different scenarios and discussed how we would respond in different situations. The children also thought about how they could be respectful to others online.

What would you do?

"Reena should tell a trusted adult about what's going on. She should also make it clear to her friends that she does not want to see the videos. If they don't listen, they aren't her real friends" - Arjon


"Although it's easy to get caught up with peer pressure, I think Lisa should not have sent the mean message and maybe she could have spoken to her friends to make them see it's unkind" Saima



Autumn 1 - Self Image and Identity 

Learning Mind Map

"I learnt that commenting of peoples things can make them sad or upset, especially if you say unkind things. I also realised that when I am typing people cannot tell if I am joking because they cannot hear my voice or see my face" Ayato


"I learnt that you shouldn't put everything about yourself online and you should always set your profiles to friends only so strangers cannot see you" Jasmine 


"I learnt that lots of people do not look like their pictures online and we should not compare ourselves to peoples online identities" Daisy