Cherrywood Community Primary School


We will strive for all our children to leave Cherrywood with the English skills to have equal opportunities to peers so that they can make their own informed choices.

We believe that it is vital for children to learn to read and write confidently in order for them to become independent learners.

By exposing children to a wide range of spelling strategies, we will ensure that children are equipped to understand and confidently read and spell words that they might not have heard in every day conversation or seen in a written format.

Starting from an early age, our children will be inspired to develop fluency in reading so that they can understand what they have read and make links to the wider world. From their first full day in Reception, children will be taught the skills needed to read words and sentences fluently.

Through listening to and joining in with a wide range of engaging stories from the start of school, our children will have an ambition to read a range of interesting and challenging texts and will show curiosity to want to learn more. We will ensure that, through this, children will leave Cherrywood School with a passion and love of reading across all curriculum subjects and beyond.

Golden Threads


Curiosity and Ambition



Year R

Showing interest in illustrations and print in the environment

Sounding out words to read

Learning tricky red words alongside phonics sounds

Year 1

Joining in with discussion about texts

Being able to read words without sounding out

All of the year 1 high frequency words

Year 2

Becoming increasingly familiar with and retelling fairy tales and wide range of stories

Speed of reading

All of the year 2 high frequency words

Year 3

Asking and answering questions appropriately

Linking speed to comprehension

Strategies and patterns for words from the national curriculum and common homophones

Year 4

Discussing and comparing a wide variety of texts/writers


Strategies and patterns for spelling words on the statutory spelling list

Year 5

Reading a wide range of genres and identifying different text types

Fluency with more difficult texts

Linking patterns and sounds in spellings to help with unfamiliar words

Year 6

Reading for pleasure, discussing, comparing and evaluating in depth across a range of genres

Fluency with a range of texts

Recognise where spellings may be incorrect and use strategies and resources


Curriculum overview reading

Curriculum overview writing