Cherrywood Community Primary School


At Cherrywood School, we believe in delivering an engaging and interesting writing curriculum. We start our units with 'hooks' that help our children to be enthusiastic and have purpose to their writing. Much of our writing is based on real life experiences such as the residential visit to PGL. Often, we will link our reading books in to our writing so that the children can gain as much knowledge as possible before putting pencil to paper. We have also enjoyed visitors to the school who help the children to bring their writing to life. 




Helping with writing at home

You can help at home by encouraging your child to write whenever possible. This might be on an electronic device but also by hand. they might write a shopping list, letter, email or story. They may have read a non- fiction book and would like to write down the facts they can remember. We would encourage children to share any writing they do with their class teacher.