Cherrywood Community Primary School



Keeping children safe in education is our priority.


At Cherrywood Primary School, the health, safety and welfare of our children are of paramount importance to us.   We respect our pupils and want to provide them with a stimulating and safe environment that encourages them to do their best. 


In order to keep our children safe at school, we

  • ensure that all our staff – through their induction and ongoing training - have a clear understanding of their responsibilities towards our children’s safeguarding
  • ensure that we have a range of clear and up to date policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety and protection of our pupils in all aspects of school life
  • ensure that we teach our pupils how to keep themselves healthy and safe – in and out of school
  • ensure that we audit our safeguarding practices regularly so we remain vigilant


We have an open and honest atmosphere at school, where children are nurtured and taught that they are able to confide in any adult if they are worried about something.


Below are some links to helpful websites which may help you safeguard your children.




Online safety – Our children are using online platforms more and more, do you know what apps and games are suitable for your child to play? Click the link below to check.