Cherrywood Community Primary School


Tuesday 1st November

Miss Guest woke us up at 7am this morning for breakfast. It was raining when we woke up so we put on our layers and went to breakfast. According to Miss Guest and google it was only supposed to rain for 37 minutes in the morning. The weather lied! However we had a great day and did different activities, everyone tried everything and it was a really good day. Hopefully it doesn't rain at the campfire later. 

 By Archie and Aggelos

Jacobs Ladder

All the children made an attempt at this, the aim is to work as a group to get as far up the ladder as possible. Supporting each other is key and the children were great at this. It was great to see them all at least make an attempt. 


It was Zara and Hadia who got the highest, their resilience and team work really showed. This is what Zara had to say.


"Jacobs ladder was great fun, we worked together to help each other up. I sometimes stood on Hadia's knees to help me reach the next bar and then I could give Hadia the rope to pull herself up. We had to work together. It was really high and a little bit scary."


I was really impressed with all the children as every single one of the had a go!

Problem Solving

For this activity the children kept their feet firmly on the ground. They had to work as a team to solve lots of different problems. Again their team work was impressive and as was their ambition. They didn't want to leave any problem unsolved. 


This was really high, and we had to jump at the top. It was fun though. I climbed the ladder as fast as I could as I set the target of getting to the top. We all had different targets and everyone cheered for each other. I was glad I got to the top and then jumped. The excitement made my heart race. 

 By Giovanni 


"It was terrifying at the top but so much fun!" Alvin 


"I aimed for 5 steps and went 7" Hayden 

Tunnel Trail 

It was difficult to take lots of pictures of this activity as the children were playing games in a a series of tunnels. The all enjoyed it and from the outside I could here lots of giggles. Here are a few of the pictures that were taken.