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Music Learning

We are excited to be able to get back to normality after the last couple of years and have loved the process of rehearsing and performing our Christmas songs in the Christmas Concert. It was very well attended, we thank you for your support!

Christmas Concert 2022

Learning from home - Spring 2021

Despite not being in school, our music learning has continued at home and the children have been working exceptionally hard to improve their music skills. 



"I taught myself to play a Bob Marley song as I feel this is an important song because its about telling people to stick together and things will be alright. And this is what we all need to do in these hard times"

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KS2 have really enjoyed learning the virtual piano this term.

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KS1 have enjoyed making their own musical instruments this term, and using them to play along to music. They have also enjoyed listening to music and painting as they listen. 

Playing along to music ♫

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Oak Class - Listen2Me Autumn 2020


This term in Listen 2 me lessons, Oak Class have been learning African percussion. They have learnt how to play a djembe drum correctly. They have also learnt to play the Dun duns (larger drums) and the caixixis (shakers). They have explored the best technique to get the best sound and also which rhythms are easiest on which instrument. 

Year 4 - Oak Class

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Year 4 - Oak Class

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Mrs Vaughan our music specialist teacher commented:


“The class have worked so hard this term.  They maintain excellent focus throughout each lesson and demonstrate a real ‘can do’ approach when faced with learning something new which is often very challenging. At first they found the noise of the drums very loud but have now learnt to focus on the individual sound they are producing and to stick to their rhythm even if others are playing something different. Group music making requires a high level of concentration, self -awareness and a constant focus on the conductor. The children should feel very proud of the progress that they have made in all these areas from the start of term, but what has really impressed me is their enthusiasm for the subject and their engagement in the lessons.”


Well done Oak Class.

Year 2 - Learning about dynamics

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Year 2 have been learning all about dynamics this term. They are getting really confident with how to play quieter and louder. 

Music Room

We have our own music room which we love going to for sessions. In here we keep a range of different musical instruments that we love playing.