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tips and advice for working from home

Well-Being for Pupils


As well as looking after our physical health we also need to think about our mental health – this is how we think about things and how we manage our emotions. Sometimes when we get worried or scared about something our behaviour changes. It’s good to know about ways we can help control our bodies so that we can manage even stressful situations. At the moment life is very strange, not being able to see friends and family, everything shut, not being able to go to activities. School is also quite different (if you are in school) so it is normal to be feeling angry, confused, frustrated, upset, lonely.


One of the best things to do to help us feel better to be active. Moving our bodies releases ‘feel good’ chemicals in our brains. So have a go at a Joe Wicks PE session, go out for a walk with an adult, try some cosmic yoga. It is also good to have a proper routine - get up at your usual time, washed, dressed (school uniform for school days), have breakfast and start your home learning.  If you are feeling sad or frustrated talk to someone. It maybe a friend, an adult you trust. If you are remote learning from home you can message your teacher if you have any worries.

Below are some activities and websites that can help you look after your emotional well-being

For advice to support your whole family visit our Family Wellbeing page.