Cherrywood Community Primary School


Spring Term 1 Online Safety:


For our online safety lessons, we focused on ‘Online Reputation and Digit footprint’. We remembered what we learnt last year in Chestnut Class – understanding about personal information and what the online rules are about sharing them. We investigated profiles to decide if they were trustworthy or not. We explained our understanding of knowing how the information we put online can last for a long time.

Autumn 2 Online Safety:


For our online safety lessons, we focused on 'Online Relationships'. We discussed ways we could communicate with others - recorded ideas on the board, explained who I should ask before sharing things about myself and others online, described different ways to ask for/give, or deny my permission online and can identify who can help me if I am not sure, understand who to talk to if I think someone has put something online without consent or if it is incorrect. 

Computing Unit: Word Processing


In Autumn Term 1, we have been focusing on various skills in our Computing lessons. Some of the skills we have been embedding include; Turning the computer on and off safely, record sentences using the keyboard, altering the text colour and size, inserting pictures. 


We have been lucky to show parents the skills we have learnt in our 'Computing Assembly

Autumn 1 Online Safety: 


For our online safety lessons, we focused on 'Self Image and Identity'. We explored how people's identity online can be different to their identity in real life. We discussed about appropriate actions to take when we experience something negative online. 


Enjoy looking through our pictures from the day :)