Cherrywood Community Primary School

Rule of Law

The rule Of law

The importance of law and rules should be referred to and reinforced to teach students to distinguish between right and wrong. This will teach children to take responsibility for their own actions. Students should be taught the reasons behind rules and laws, how they govern and protect us, and the consequences of what happens when these laws are broken. 

Rule of Law at Cherrywood

School Expectations and Reflection


At school we have expectations linked to our school values. When we are not meeting these expectations then we have warnings and reflection. This process allows children the opportunity to reflect on their behviour and the rules and understand why these need to be followed. 


We have a number of behaviours which are red behviours and these lead to immediate reflection. We discussed these in assembly so that everyone understood why these were behaviours that were not accepted and the rules around these.

Visits from the police


Recently our EYFS children were visited by  a member of the metropolitan police. During this time they discussed different rules or laws which we follow. They specifically discussed Laws around stealing and missing people, as their beloved Fred Frog was missing.