Cherrywood Community Primary School



Archery was great fun. I thought you had to be really strong but after a few tries I really got the hang of it. You have to put the arrow into the bow then pull the string right back to you face. When yo have pulled the string back you then need to aim and hope you can hit the target. We played a game where you had to try and build a holiday by  hitting certain colours. Miss Guest was the best at that, she hit the bullseye three times! I have never tried archery before so this was really fun!

  by Willow  


The climbing wall was very high and had lots of different shapes. As a team we supported each other by shouting where to move our hands and feet. We set our own targets of where we wanted to reach on the wall, some of us aimed for the top. I aimed to get half way up and was really proud of myself. I am glad I gave it a try! 

   By Leilah


Mr Harris said this would be all about getting lost in the woods. Fortunately, we did not get lost and we did find lots of things we needed. Map reading is not my strongest skill but we persevered and didn't get lost! 

  By Liban


This is was a first for most of the children. It was a really fun activity. The children enjoyed the warm up and practicing the different positions and then they enjoyed putting on the equipment before going to battle. It is hard to tell who is who behind the face masks.