Cherrywood Community Primary School

ROAR 2021

ROAR2021 is an exciting project funded by the Lions Clubs UK and organised by an education company called 8billionideas.  The aim of the project is for children to have a go at being an entrepreneur by working together in small teams to invent, design and create a new product and advertising campaign.  Following an in-school final, the winning team will compete in district finals, with the potential to go through to the national finals in London later in the year.

There are 4 teams on ROAR 2021.  Each team came up with a team name and designed a team logo.  

The four teams

CKC: Appforestation - a brand new app aimed at reducing the problem of deforestation by encouraging people to reduce their use of paper and card; it rewards recycling and planting new trees.

The Fabulous Farnborough Four: The Unwasting Fridge - an innovative type of fridge which works like a vending machine to place the oldest food in the fridge at the front and the newest at the back, therefore reducing food wastage in the home.

RIFT: The Book Look - a new type of bookmark that encourages a love of reading by marking not just the page you have reached but also the exact word you have got to.

WCI: World of Animals - an exciting new board game.  Can you make it to the end of the game with your chosen endangered animal before the poachers catch you!? A game to highlight the continuing problem of poaching across the world, with profits going to poaching charities.

The in-school ROAR 2021 final was held last week.  We are incredibly proud of every team who participated and very impressed with all of their ideas but there could only be one winner.  And the winner is.....CKC with their innovative app to help reduce deforestation: Appforestation.  The judges felt this product would be accessible for everyone of all ages and also felt it was topical following the discussions of deforestation at COP26.


The National Finals took place on Zoom on Wednesday 8th December and all of the ROAR children enjoyed watching it along with Mrs Lewis and Mrs Reed.  Unfortunately, Cherrywood Primary School were not among the winners this time, but it was very exciting to see Appforestation among the products in a compilation video.  Well done again to all the children involved.

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