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ROAR 2022

ROAR 2022


We have now completed this competition for the second year in a row.  The winning team this year were The Dragon Champions with their idea to collect plastic pollution from the oceans with a computer-coded shark (called The Sharkinator), which could consume the plastic and turn it into fuel.  


The national final was held in early December and, although The Sharkinator was featured in a compilation video, unfortunately it was not chosen as the regional winner.


We are very proud of all of the children who took part this year.  Their creativity and innovative thinking produced some fantastic products. 


The Farnborough Lions and B Radio have very kindly produced a video podcast of our journey through this competition so far.  You can view that by clicking on the link below.

The Farnborough Lions Newsletter - featuring the children from Cherrywood School who participated in ROAR 2022.

We had 4 teams of children from Years 4, 5 and 6 creating exciting and innovative ideas which have the potential to change the world.  The children began by investigating various world issues, considering how to solve those issues and creating a brand new idea or product.  The children also made a prototype model of their product and created an advertising poster and jingle.

Mrs Lewis and Richard from Farnborough Lions visited our local radio station, B Radio to talk all about the ROAR project.  

The school final of ROAR 2022 was held on Friday 11th November and we can now announce, the winner is........The Dragon Champions with The Sharkinator!  Their innovative and fun idea is to create a robotic shark, programmed to seek out the plastic garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean and to "eat" the plastic it finds there.  This plastic can then be broken down and used for fuel.  


The judges were very impressed with all of the teams' ideas and awarded certificates for the best poster, the best prototype model and the best jingle.

Roger from B Radio came to visit our ROAR 2022 teams, to help them learn how to create jingles to advertise their products.  He talked to the teams about how jingles are used at radio stations.  He explained to them how to build a brand by matching their product to their customers' needs and making sure the jingle matches their product by describing it in some way.  All the teams have had a go at creating their own jingle.

Our ROAR 2022 Teams

Thank you to 8billionideas for organising this project and to the Farnborough Lions for their continued support in ROAR 2022.