Cherrywood Community Primary School

Sycamore (Yr 6)

Class of 2023-2024


24th November

For RSHE Day this term, Sycamore class discussed the question 'How can we be healthy as we grow?'


We discussed the importance of healthy routines - both during the day and at bedtime. We all learned about the importance of quality sleep! We then discussed peer pressure and how to identify and deal with negative pressure from peers who may be making the wrong choices. 

PGL 2023

30th October - 3rd November

We arrived safely at PGL and were welcomed by our group leader Jack. We are staying in a block called The Punchbowl, apparently it gets it’s name from the Devils Punchbowl which is close by. We settled into out rooms and made our beds before going for Dinner. Mr Harris was right the food is good!


This evening we had on activity, Ambush, which is essentially group hide and seek in the woods, in the dark. Sounds scary but it is great fun. Group 1 were the winners who managed to stay still enough and quiet enough not to be found. It is hard to take any pictures of this, but Miss Guest did get a good one of the moon, which is so bright you could mistake it for the sun.


Tomorrow we have a full day of activities, so we are all hoping for a good night’s sleep!

Thank you Sycamore Class for a great time at PGL 2023!

Gilbert White House Trip

9th October 2023

As part of our theme this term of 'Survival of the Fittest', Sycamore class visited the Oakes Collection at Gilbert White's House in Selbourne. The children were given the chance to learn and experience what life was like for Antarctic explorers in the early 1900's. The class had a fantastic time handling real artifacts from Scott's Terra Nova expedition in 1912 and also got to compare them to more modern equipment from the British Antarctic Survey. Sycamore class made the most of the day by being respectful and really ambitious answering questions about the people involved and the hardships they faced in Antarctica.

Class of 2022-2023


9th June

For RSHE Day this term, Sycamore class continued discussing the question of 'How does the media influence us?'


We discussed what is news and how we can identify when it is real or fake and what we should do with this information. We talked about the impact of targeted advertisement and how our views and desires can be shaped by this. We also talked about the dangers of extreme views and beliefs and how to identify and react to this online.

Online Safety Day

26th May

For Online Safety Day this term, Sycamore class looked at Privacy and Security.


We shared ideas on:

  • Passwords - what makes a strong password?
  • Permissions - what permissions are you giving apps?
  • Scams - can you recognise a scam?




21st April 

For RSHE Day this term, Sycamore class continued discussing the question of 'How can we stay healthy as we grow?'


We shared ideas for having healthy habits in our daily lives and how we can keep ourselves in good physical and mental health. We also discussed how to identify when we might need help with our physical and mental wellbeing and what we can do to improve it.

Online Safety Day

24th March

The focus of Online Safety Day this term for Sycamore Class was Identifying and Reporting Online Bullying. The children learnt about identifying online bullying and understanding what actions they could take to report it so that it does not continue.


The children used their learning to give advice in a number of realistic scenarios:

Milestones Museum Visit

7th March

As part of our theme this term of 'Lest We Forget', Sycamore class visited Milestones Museum. The children were given the chance to learn and experience what life was life in Britain during the 1940's. The class had a great time learning about the many different roles that people played during World War 2 and to immerse themselves in the time.


25th November

For RSHE Day this term, the big question for Sycamore class was 'How can we stay healthy as we grow?'


The started with a focus on balanced lifestyles, with the children openly discussed their daily routines, particularly their bedtime routines. This was followed with looking at research on the importance of sleep for the development of our bodies and brains. The children then updated their routines with any changes they felt would help improve their sleep.


This was followed by examining the effect of peer pressure and how this can have positive and negative influences on our lifestyles. 

Gilbert White House Trip

22nd November

Sycamore class visited the house of Gilbert White in Selbourne Hampshire as part of their learning journey on 'Survivors' and Polar Explorers. In the morning the children had the chance to view, touch and feel genuine objects from Scott's Terra Nova Expedition. Then in the afternoon the class got a taste of life as an explorer with orienteering around the grounds and pulling a sledge!


Photos from the day


31st October - 4th November

We arrived safely at PGL on Monday and the children were excited to get into their rooms. We settled in, sort of unpacked and started our adventure. We didn't take any pictures on Monday, because well exploring the woods by torch light and playing hide and seek isn't the best time to be taking pictures. This is the first picture we took, up and ready for breakfast on Tuesday. After breakfast we split into two groups and the activities began. Click on the links below to see what we get up to each day.






Class of 2021-2022

Well done to all of the Year 6 children for successfully completing the SATs tests. Have a look at the activities they got to do as their treat for working so hard

Thank you to all of our parents for joining us in our PE Skills Showcase. The children showed off great skills and we all learnt a lot!

Our wonderful Comic and Sports Relief day!

Thank you to all of the families who managed to make it to our Covid friendly exhibition. It was great to be able to have you back in school seeing what tremendous work your child has been doing.

Take a look at our recommended books for Year 6- found at good bookshops, Amazon or possibly the E- library.

Our week at school

Whilst many of the class were at PGL, some of the children stayed behind to do a fantastic week of outdoor learning and arts and crafts. They had such a good time as a small group and Mrs Hyatt really loved it too! 

Sycamore Class visited PGL this week for their residential trip. They absolutely loved all of the activities, building resilience and showing superb teamwork.  All of the children had a go and of course they all returned home very dirty and tired!

What a great achievement from Sam! She has been completing steps each month to gain medals. A lovely way to stay fit and also great for mental health. Well done Sam!

What a great time we had helping Ash Class with painting.  We were all so kind and caring and Ash Class had the most amazing time. 

We had a great return to school by becoming World War Two evacuees as part of our 'Lest We Forget' topic. We boarded the train to the countryside, played a game of Beetle and made carrot cookies. We thoroughly enjoyed imagining what it would be like to have been children during the war.