Cherrywood Community Primary School

Evening Activites

The days are jam packed with activities, so here's what we got up to in the evening. We had a little bit of time to chill after dinner before it was all go again. 


Monday - Ambush 

On Monday we played a game called 'ambush' this did not lend itself to photography as it is team hide and seek in the woods. It was dark and although we had torches we wanted to be as discrete as possible. It was great fun though. Hiding is a team is hard as you are tempted to talk and you have to find a space where you can all fit. I had to lie in the grass when my team were hiding. 

  By Aggelos 

Tuesday - Campfire

Wednesday - Games Night 

I enjoyed this evening. We started outside and played games like chaos tag, cat and mouse and stuck in the mud.  We were literally stuck in the mud! When the rain got too heavy we went headed for cover and played different board games. I played chess, it was a very intense game. 

  By Archie