Cherrywood Community Primary School


World Book Day 2023

Outdoor Adventures Club Nature Pictures 2022

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

The staff, children and parents of Cherrywood laid flowers and wrote tributes in our book of condolence.

Raising Aspirations Afternoon


On Wednesday 6th July, the children enjoyed an afternoon listening to a selection of volunteers who visited the school to talk about their careers.  We wanted the children to get to know all about a whole range of different education and career opportunities available to them when they leave school.

The afternoon began with everyone (including all the volunteer speakers) in the hall, which was quite a squeeze, but didn’t last long as small groups of children sensibly made their way to their first inspiring talk.  There was a buzz of excitement around the school as the children listened to their chosen speaker and asked lots of questions.

Every child in school visited 3 different speakers, including cabin crew, a vet, a recruitment specialist, a soldier, a charity worker and a Probation Officer amongst many others.  Each speaker explained their role and linked this to the learning they did whilst at school and that they continue to use every day in their work.

By the end of the afternoon, all children returned to their classes full of newly-found knowledge, inspiration and with high aspirations for their futures.    

We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of our visitors, who so kindly gave their own time to come and speak to us. 

Jamie the vet

Marissa and Stuart the cabin crew (TUI)

Andy the black cab driver

Kevin the RAF pilot

John the soldier

Mrs Cornwell the personal trainer

Reema and Deewa the dentist and dental nurse from The Fernhill Dental Centre

Mark and George the builders

Luke the sports coach and trainee PE teacher

Louisa the scientist (Qinetiq)

Michael the recruitment specialist

Lisa the nurse

Pat the aircraft engineer

Michael the IT specialist

Christine the councillor (Rushmoor Borough Council)

Emma the charity worker

Chloe the probation officer

Baby Sensory small business owner

Cultural week- 20th-24th June 2022

What an amazing week we had celebrating our fantastic multi-cultural school. 
On Monday we were joined by some of our parents who came into classes to talk to the children about their countries, cultures and celebrations. 
On Tuesday we held a ‘cook and share’ event in our new Community room where parents and staff made the most amazing food from around the world.
On Wednesday we had a ‘dress up and celebrate day!’ It was wonderful to see all the children dress up and be proud to share details about their different countries in their classes. Everyone enjoyed learning more about their friends. We also has a flag hunt around the school and the children were given a cake or lolly as a treat for completing it.
On Thursday each class focussed on a country and made some amazing pieces of art work.
On Friday we ended the week with a ‘day of dance’ where each class learnt a dance from a different country and performed it in a whole school assembly in the afternoon.

Hello Yellow! World Mental Health Day 8th October 2021

RSHE Day 1

Respect: What does that mean to us?
On Friday 8th October we had our first RSHE day of the year. Year R looked at family photos, discussing similarities and differences between the families in class. Year 1 talked about who is special to us – thinking carefully about what we can do to show people they are special and treat them with respect. Year 2 and 3 talked about what it looks like to be a good friend and what we can do if we know someone in class is struggling. Year 4 looked at respect, how do we show respect and what does it mean to be respectful. Year 5 looked at how to communicate safely, in particular when talking to people online and Year 6 looked at how friendships change as they grow older. Here are some photos from our day: