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Diwali 2021

This week we have been learning about Diwali. We started the week off by looking at Rangoli patterns. We looked at non-fiction books and researched them on the internet. We had a go at colouring Rangoli patterns using pens, pencils, crayons and made some electronically on the interactive whiteboard too. We then decided to make our own patterns on the floor outside because we found out that's what people do when they celebrate Diwali.

We made some colourful window decorations to decorate the classroom ready for a mini Diwali celebration where we dressed up in traditional clothes and listened to Diwali music. We watched dances people do like Bollywood and had a go at copying some of the moves. We tried really hard to dance in time to the music and respond with moves that matched what we could hear.

We have really loved celebrating Diwali this week!

Colour mixing

This week we have loved colour mixing! We came into school and there was blue water in the tray. We wanted to experiment and add another colour to see how the colour would change. The next day we did our own colour mixing using pipettes and coloured water. We started to remember what colours we needed to mix together to make our favourite colours. To finish our week of colour mixing we decided to get the paints out and create our own colours by mixing the prime colours together. 

We found a friend!

This afternoon we pulled all of the weeds out of the planting bed ready to re-plant our own flowers and vegetables. When we took the sunflowers out, we pulled all of the seeds from each flower so we could re-use them. On one of the leaves we found a green caterpillar. We got our magnifying glasses out to take a closer look and talked about what we could see. We watched a video all about how caterpillars turn into butterflies. We then brought him into the classroom so we could draw him. At putty time, we made caterpillars with our putty. At the end of the day we thought carefully about a nice place to put the caterpillar and we decided somewhere with lots of leaves. We took him to the allotment and said goodbye. We hope he visits us one day when he is a butterfly.

We have settled so well into school.

Class of 2021 - 2022

All about growing!


This term we are learning all about growing. We have been busy in our outdoor garden, pulling out the old weeds and laying down some new compost. We then planted some sunflower seeds and are excited to watch them grow! We have been learning all about what plants need to grow so we know we need to water them every day. We have also been looking at the growth of some cress so we can see what happens to the roots at the bottom. 


Learning to ride!

This week in Ash Class we have been learning to ride a bike. We started off with balance bikes and then progressed to pedal bikes. We have learnt how to control our speed, steer around obstacles, use the brakes to stop, and lots more. We have also talked about road safety and keeping safe whilst out and about. 

Cherrywood book day!

We had a really exciting day in Ash Class today for our "Cherrywood Book Day"

We started the day by reading the story "I don't like snakes" and the children picked up so many facts about snakes! We decided to make a video to show the rest of the school and our families at home what we learnt - please see our video below!

We then had an exciting video call where we were shown different reptiles and learnt all about them. The children enjoyed watching him on the screen and some had a go at drawing and labelling what they had seen.

In the afternoon we enjoyed the beautiful weather and chose some books to read and then had our story time outside.

Cherrywood book day - Our video all about snakes :)

Still image for this video

Cherrywood book day!

Someone has been in our classroom!


We were very excited to discover that someone had been in our classroom this morning! We found golden eggs, magic beans and big footprints. We wrote letters to Mrs Lewis to tell her what we had found. In maths we measured the footprints using cubes and compared their size. We are really excited for our Jack and the Beanstalk topic now!  

Ash Class Wish you a very Merry Christmas :)

Still image for this video

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The children thoroughly enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree and helping to make a Christmas post office so they can write all their letters and cards leading up to Christmas.


The next day, a special visitor arrived in Ash Class! Buddy the elf appeared with a note to say Santa had sent him from the North Pole to check they are all being good. Buddy has a special door in the classroom that he uses to take all the children's letters and cards up to Santa. 


The children have already produced lots and lots of cards and letters!

E-Safety Day 2020


Today was E-Safety day. We started off the day thinking and talking about different emotions and how they made us feel. We looked at pictures of people to try and work out how they were feeling, and explored lots of different faces ourselves. We drew out how it would look if we were sad/happy/excited or worried. 


We then talked about the internet and staying safe when we are online. We know that if something pops up that we don't like we must always tell an adult straight away. We also talked about saying no if someone asks us to do something that we don't like and we had a go at acting some of these scenarios out. 


We also thought about what makes a good conversation and learnt that we must always face the person we are talking to and show we are listening by looking at them and responding correctly. 

We have settled into school so well!