Cherrywood Community Primary School

Autumn Blog

 Christmas Celebrations

Children enjoyed singing and cooking during our Christmas celebrations. 


The term ended with our exhibition. Children invited their parents to showcase the work they did over the term. 

Trip to Selborne

In November children had a memorable day learning and putting their learning into practice while visiting the Gilbert White Centre in Selborne. During the visit, children had the opportunity to do some mapping skills, look at different habitats as well as doing some art using natural materials, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's work. It was a fantastic trip!




This term children developed their descriptive skills while using the book 10 Little Monsters. They made their own monsters, but unfortunately the mean Monster Snatcher took them away and only returned them when the children wrote some amazing posters. 


At the beginning of the term, children improved their storytelling skills by using a story map. Working in pairs, children used a story map to retell the story of Mr Tiger Goes Wild. 

Child using story map.mp4

Still image for this video


In Chestnut Class, children enjoy to use manipulatives or concrete resources to learn maths. They first learn it practically before tackling the written work. 


This term, children learnt how to log in using a user name and password. They also learnt how to use the trackpad by practising drawing using the website It is amazing how quickly they are able to master new skills!



Autumn 1

The main topic this term was 'Who is special to us?'. Children joined in during discussions to share their ideas on how to make someone feel special as well as identifying special people in their lives. They talked about how being kind towards other people as well as showing respect are important factors in making someone feel special. 

Autumn 2

The main topic this half-term was 'What helps us stay healthy.' Children learnt about healthy eating, the importance of exercise,  hygiene and routines too. 

Harvest Cooking

Children had a fun afternoon learning how to prepare some delicious fruit Pavlovas for our Harvest Festival. As well as having fun, children also learnt some precious life skills, like: washing food and chopping fruit in a safe way. By the way, the Pavlovas were a success and were one of the first items to sell out!

Online Safety - Autumn 1

In the first half of the autumn term, children joined in discussions and games to understand what was special about themselves, whilst focusing on Self-Image and Identify. 

Children played 'Friendship Alley' and as they went through a human alley they heard nice things about themselves. Everybody had a go!

Children also discussed what they would do if they came across or heard anything that upset them whilst online and nominated some special adults they would speak to if they needed. 

Online Safety - Autumn 2

In the second half of the autumn term, children joined in discussions and games to learn about online relationships and how to kind or aware of others online. 

Science - Plants 

This term children visited the outdoors to learn about plants: the main parts of some common plants and trees.

They also learnt how to identify a range of trees and point at some of the deciduous trees in our school grounds. 

Working Scientifically

Children used their mathematical skills to find the longest leaf and used multilink to compare leaves to find the longest one. 

Natural Art 

This term children were inspired by the work by Andy Goldworthy and used many natural materials to develop some collaborative pieces of art. Here are some pictures of their work so far.