Cherrywood Community Primary School

How can I support my child with Number?

What do we want children to be able to do by the end of their Reception year?

  • Be secure recognising and counting to 10
  • Know their number bonds to 5 off by heart
  • Be able to break down numbers e.g 3 + 2 makes 5
  • Recognise numbers to 20, with some understanding of odd and even.
  • Recognise amounts without counting e.g. dice faces
  • Be able to say one more or one less than a number to 10
  • Using real life objects be able to do simple addition and subtraction problems
  • Begin to problem solve by doubling, halving and sharing

Learning to count


Children often start school being able to say the numbers 1 - 10 (or beyond) in the correct order. However when they count objects they don't quite understand quantity and how many they have altogether. 


In the children's first few weeks we teach a number a week so that the children fully understand the quantity of that number and so they are secure when counting objects. 


It is also quite common for a child to touch each object as they count, but when you ask them how many altogether they say a different number. This shows us that they are not quite understanding quantity. 

Learning to Count

Here is a video explaining a bit more about counting and how you can support your child with their counting at home.