Cherrywood Community Primary School

How do I hand in an assignment?

What type of assignments will I be set? 

There will be 3 - 5 assignments set each day. There will be an English, Maths and reading assignment every day and they other subjects will be taught throughout the week. Some will have tasks for you to complete online or in your book and others will be more practical.


How do I open an assignment?

Firstly click on the assignment which has been set. 

In this example we will look at the writing learning set for some Year 6 pupils.

Here, you can see the instructions for what your teacher has set as well as any associated worksheets or presentations. To view a presentation or worksheet, simply click on its link.  

You can also add class comments to ask your teacher a question. 

You should then see something like this.

How do I hand in an assignment? 

Once you have completed your work you will need to save it in a format so you can upload it.  This can be saved to your Google drive or uploaded straight from your device.  If you have to complete a printed worksheet or written the work in you books, this can be scanned in (if you have the equipment) or photographed and again saved to your Google drive or uploaded straight from your device. The method you chose will depend on the type of work that has been set. In this example, a worksheet has been set, so this needs to be clicked on and opened with google docs.

This will then open a document which you are able to type on to. If you are not typing your answers don't worry, just write them into your book. 

Once you have opened the worksheet with google docs it will automatically save into your drive. You, do not need to press save! When you have finished you need to close the tab this work will now be saved in your google docs. 


Once you have closed the google doc you will go back to your classroom and your can submit the work.