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Starting School

Transition Events - Starting Summer Term June 2022


New Parent Information Evening

This event is held in June and will outline the details and purpose of our transition events. You will be able to meet key members of staff including the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Family Support Worker, Reception Class Teacher, The School Cook and the Admin Team. We will be talking to you about the process of transition, what life in reception class will look like and what you can do with your child during the Summer term to prepare. The children are also welcome to attend, as our staff provide play opportunities in the classroom where they can meet and get to know other children that will be in their class in September.


Pre-School Setting Visits

The reception class teacher will visit your child in their pre-school and talk to their key worker. They will discuss your child’s interests, friendships, areas of strength and next steps; this helps to plan the first few weeks of term.


“Stay and play” sessions at Cherrywood 

Stay and play sessions are a great chance for the children to meet some of their class mates and start getting to know their classroom environment. As well as joining in with these activities, parents will also get the opportunity to meet other staff members and have any questions answered.


Home Visits

Before starting school our Family Support Worker and Reception Class Teacher will arrange to come and meet you and your child at home. We usually ask to take a picture of them with their favourite toy, so that on their first day in school they see their picture displayed on the wall and feel a sense of belonging. Home visits are valuable for us to get to know your child as best as we can, to help settle them into school. It is also another opportunity for you to ask us any questions.


Development Concerns

If you have concerns about your child’s particular needs e.g. speech and language or physical development, you can discuss these with us during the transition stage so that guidance on how to support your child leading up to starting school can be given.


Ideally all children are toilet trained before starting school in September. If your child is still wearing nappies or is still not fully toilet trained, including wiping after going to the toilet, this is something you can work on in preparation for them starting school. Please contact us if you need support with this.

Is your child starting school in September 2022?

Please take a look around our website to get a flavour of what starting school is like at Cherrywood Primary. 

We are now able to offer visits to school. This will give you the opportunity to meet our friendly staff, have a tour of the Reception classroom, tell us all about your child and ask any questions that you may have about starting school. To arrange a visit, please call the school office on 01252 547896. We look forward to meeting you soon. 

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Useful Information

“School readiness” by Hampshire County Council – Hampshire School Readiness Leaflet


If you have any questions or anything you would like to discuss prior to your child starting school with us in September please do not hesitate to contact us. 01252 547896