Cherrywood Community Primary School


Tuesday 31st November

For our activities today we were in three groups. Here is the diary of the day from each group:


Group 1

Group 1: Amari, Sanskar, Umar, Megan, Sapphire, Diphikha, Etienne, Echhi


Morning Activities – Challenge Course and Fencing 

This morning we woke up at 6.50 to do an amazing  challenge of an obstacle course with an awe inspiring instructor his name was Dermot and he ran us through all off the challenges. Next our group went fencing and it was the best our instructor, his name was Tyler (he is so fun!) we did lots of mini-games (chaos tag, tag rugby)  we went against him in a duel and we all did great a job of parrying and en-guarding. All in all it was a great start to the trip.

By Megan


Afternoon Activities – Rifle Shooting and Abseiling

When we went Abseiling this afternoon, the tower looked small however the stairs were see through so the group got more scared and when we got to the top the people would have to let go of fencing and we saw that the tower was very tall. Some people did not go down and instead used the stairs. The Rifle shooting was at targets and the rifles had lead pellets that had little recoil Dipshika, Amari, Sanskar and I scored the most. Don’t worry there were lots of safety features!

By Etienne.

Group 2

Group 2: Freddy, Lily, Marcia, Minahil, Iva, Sima, Armin, Tyler


Morning Activities – Fencing and Challenge Course   

This morning we woke up and ate some yummy breakfast. After, we went Fencing and wore funny helmets. Then we did the challenge course, my team were the best and kept the most water. It was a great morning.

By Minahil


Afternoon Activities – Rifle Shooting and Abseiling

This afternoon we did abseiling and I was scared at firs but my team mates encouraged me so I had a go. Then we went rifle shooting, I had fun but it was really loud and don’t worry we wore protection. Tonight, well it was my birthday, so after dinner I had a huge surprise which was an amazing cake with my own table. It was great so I look forward to what the rest of the week will bring.

By Freddy

Group 3

Group 3: Mario, Sumangk, Ava, Gracie, Theia, Vivi, Maisie, Harry


Morning Activities - Fencing  and Challenge Course

Today was our first morning! We started it off with a hot breakfast, after we had finished, we went off to do Fencing! His name was Tom and he was very talented with a sword (don’t worry,its plastic!). Next we went to the challenge course, it was quite hard to do, we raced another team whilst trying to keep the most water to win, unfortunately we lost It was a great morning and I’m sure we are all excited for the rest of the trip!

By Theia


Afternoon Activities – Climbing and Zip Wire

This afternoon we did climbing and ziplining. I was nervous at first but gave them both a go. When we were climbing, I was the first to make it to the top.So miss guest challenged me to a race and I won! When we were ziplining vivi and I nailed the landing unlike Mario. It was a great afternoon!

By Ava

Evening Activity


In the evening we had a special treat planned for the birthday boy at dinner before we all went into the woods for a campfire!


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