Cherrywood Community Primary School


Thursday 2nd November

For our activities today we were in three groups. Here is the diary of the day from each group:


Group 1

Group 1: Amari, Sanskar, Umar, Megan, Sapphire, Diphikha, Etienne, Echhi


Morning Activities – Jacob’s Ladder and Sensory Trail

This morning we did Jacob’s Ladder, a tall ladder of logs that you have to help your team mates get up. It made me feel really annoyed because it was so hard to get up! Then we went to the Sensory Trail. First we had to put on goggles that we could not see through and made a conga trail to guide ourselves through the woods. The best part was going through the ‘laser’ rope obstacle blindfolded!

By Sanskar


Afternoon Activities – Climbing and Problem Solving

In the afternoon, we did climbing, the weather was wet and cold people could not move their fingers! I did not climb the rock wall, as I was scared plus I am afraid of heights, after I started crying but after in Problem Solving, it was tricky but absolute fun! In one of the challenges I had to copy but I did not see the ending but I manage to do it.

By Echhi

Group 2

Group 2: Freddy, Lily, Marcia, Minahil, Iva, Sima, Armin, Tyler


Morning Activities - Sensory Trail and Jacob’s Ladder

In the morning, we started with the Sensory trail.  We got really wet and dirty, and it was difficult, and lots of people got soggy trainers.  After that we tried the Jacob’s Ladder, which was harder than it looks!  Once you were on it though, it was really fun, our group got up to level 4, and another group managed to get up to level 7!

By Tyler Ballinger


Afternoon Activities – Problem Solving and Climbing

This afternoon we did tricky problem solving that tickled our brains.  Our instructor asked us a hard riddle which only a couple of us solved!  After that we travelled to a climbing wall and our instructor told us the safety basics.  I found climbing hard and scary when you lean back to drop down but I enjoyed it very much. 

By Iva

Group 3

Group 3: Mario, Sumangk, Ava, Gracie, Theia, Vivi, Maisie, Harry


Morning Activities – Problem Solving and Abseiling

Today I went down the abseiling tower. I was scared and nervous; at the top my legs were shaking! But I did it and when I got to the bottom I was so happy and excited! Then we did Problem Solving. The tyres puzzle was really difficult because we had to move the tyres from one pole to another pole. With Mario and the rest of the team we did it though!

By Harry


Afternoon Activities – Jacob’s Ladder and Rifle Shooting

In Jacob’s Ladder I climbed up a massive ladder of logs. Theia and I got to the fourth log! Then we did rifle shooting; it was so exciting! We had to try to aim at the middle of the target. I had three goes but did not manage to hit the target! Even though it was wet and cold today, I had a great day!

By Gracie

Evening – Silent Disco

“Amazing” Minahil

“Extraordinary, I loved it” Vivi

“10 out of 10 great” Theia

“Good DJ, great music” Sima

“Amazing dancing from Mr Harris and questionable from Miss Guest” Mr Harris

“DJ do you have any Lord of the Rings” Mr Wilde


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