Cherrywood Community Primary School


Friday 3rd November

For our activities today we were in three groups. Here is the diary of the day from each group:


Group 1

Group 1: Amari, Sanskar, Umar, Megan, Sapphire, Diphikha, Etienne, Echhi


Morning Activities – Zip wire and Tunnelling

Group 1 finished the week by being amazing at the zip wire and then tunnelling. Zip wire was first where everyone in the group was so efficient and responsible that the instructor gave us four goes each (plus one go for Mr Harris!) We then went to try tunnelling where everyone enthusiastically dived into the narrow underground tunnels to finish the week by getting very muddy knees and hands! Well done Sycamore class!

By Mr Harris


Group 2

Group 2: Freddy, Lily, Marcia, Minahil, Iva, Sima, Armin, Tyler


Morning Activities – Tunnelling and Zip wire

Group 2 went into the woods and did the tunnels. The tunnels were a bit of a tight fit (especially for my broad shoulders), but the whole group gave a great go. We then went to the zip wire, where they all flew down the zip wire and were able to land safely and gracefully.

By Mr Wilde

Group 3

Group 3: Mario, Sumangk, Ava, Gracie, Theia, Vivi, Maisie, Harry


Morning Activities – Tunnelling and Sensory Trail

This morning Group 3 joined forces with Group 2 to explore the tunnels in the forest. Despite all the rain it wasn’t that wet and muddy and everyone had a great time. We then went to the Sensory Trail where all of the group were blindfolded and had to make their way through the obstacle course. They showed great teamwork and avoided most of the puddles!

By Mrs Cornwell