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Governorchat - May 20th

From: Mrs Read – Chair of Governors

Governor’ focus this week

Termly review of our Safeguarding Action Plan (designed to help Governors check that we are meeting our duties to keep children safe in education) with Mrs Humphreys (Governor) and Mrs Lewis.


What did we do?

  • Reviewed Action Plan and its impact on safeguarding
  • I met with Mrs Gabbott (Family Support Worker) to talk about training she attended on Anti-bullying and Prejudicial Behaviour and how we are benefiting from that in school.
  • I met with a group of Key Stage 2 pupils to talk about what the school does to teach them how to keep themselves safe both out in the community and online.

What did I learn from the pupils?

That they:

  • understand the risks they can face online (whether on social media or through gaming): very clear on what cyber-bullying looked like and how to protect themselves: e.g., only playing age-appropriate games, or “talking” only to friends and telling a parent or other adult, report it in the game they were worried about anything that was happening online
  • understand there are risks in the real world too such as stranger danger and how the school teaches them to stay save on the roads, on their bikes, and who to go to for help
  • enjoyed their RHSE lessons and appreciated the opportunity to discuss difficult subjects like how to respond to seeing others dealing or taking drugs, and the importance of self-respect and respect for others, and what a healthy relationship looks like
  • know that they can go to their teachers, Mrs Lewis, Miss Guest, and Mrs Gabbott (“She is our Family Support Worker and really helps us”) with their worries, that they will be listened to and that action will be taken. Mrs Cornelius and her “worry box” are a big hit (“She checks it and talks to u).


Above all I learned that the children at Cherrywood are confident, polite, open, and enthusiastic. They understand and “Live” our Values. A pleasure to be with!

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